About Me

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I help people live their lives authentically and on their terms by By helping them recognize their core values, needs, and desires. Discovering these pieces of each person’s foundation allows them to free themselves from external pressures telling themthey should be, what they should want for relationships, and how they should express their sexuality.

I believe that my life’s work is to assist people to find success, fulfillment and the ability to live inter-connected, rich, deeply intimate, powerful and pleasurable lives, with a special emphasis on personal and sexual authenticity.

As a sex positive clinician, coach, educator, mentor, trainer and relationships expert, I honor my beliefs and my values of authenticity, curiosity, practice, commitment, integrity, connection, eroticism and synergy in my work.

My inspiration comes from many traditions including power dynamics; mysticism; Tantra; and, spiritual paths including Christianity, Buddhism, Deism, and Native American spirituality.A perspective that is open to differences allows me to provide a space in which clients have the opportunity to access their own inner resources and wisdom.
Among my areas of expertise are Kink/BDSM Coaching, Sex Coaching, Coaching Non-Monogamous Alternative Lifestyles, and Relationship Coaching. I employ an integrative multifaceted approach to guide individuals, couples,and poly pods toward personal, relationship, and sexual authenticity.
Working together, our combined strengths and expertise creates the customized program to fit your needs Verbal sessions; meditation; hypnosis; breath work; role-play; hands-on bodywork; skill development; lifestyle immersion; and, technique and application training are some of the techniques that can be incorporated into your program to help you achieve your goals to live authentically, expressing your true self and sexuality.
“What’s so great about authenticity?” You may ask.

Authenticity is key to our freedom.

Knowing the core of what we really value, what we genuinely desire, and our individual needs so that we can live a life that is in alignment with our genuine selves allows true personal fulfillment. Without that connection to the self, we get cut off from our personal power that prevents us from being personally and sexually authentic.

So why sexual authenticity?

It’s simple. Sexuality is one of the most powerful spheres of control in our lives because it is so innately personal. We do not have to explain ourselves for our sexuality, justify our sexuality, or even share our sexuality- it’s a personal choice. That’s a unique opportunity for self-expression we are seldom offered in this world – and yet there is still so much pressure to do all those things; to explain, to justify, to share.
We face a bombardment of external pressures telling us what we should want from our relationships, or how we should behave sexually. We might have grown up in a religious institution or in a family that viewed sex negatively and left us with a lot of shame. We might have experiences that left us hurting and hesitant to open ourselves up to the kind of vulnerability that relationships require. All of these circumstancescan drive a wedge between us and our authentic sexuality.

Inauthentic sexuality robs us!

It robs us of pleasure, freedom, and connection. It keeps us trapped in what we settle for, instead of what we really want. It causes us to doubt ourselves at an extremely basic level – and you can be sure this doubt spillsinto every aspect of our daily lives – whether we’re interacting with our partner(s), being confident at work, or being at peace with ourselves.
My 1:1 coaching is available toa limited number of clients at a time so I can dedicate myself fully to your growth.
There is no quick-fix. It takes time to identify and tease out the old stories and expected ways of being imposed by family, friends, religious institutions, community, and society. It takes time to heal wounds and to develop the skills that will help you lead a more fulfilling and sexually authentic life.
If you are looking for a quick fix, a one-time advice solution, we’re not a good fit. If your desire is to unleash the secrets tolive yourlife withpersonal and sexual authenticity, then we’re a match. Invest in yourself and contact me.

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