Phoenix Pro

The Phoenix Pro, also known as The Phoenix Him, is a clinical strength FDA-Recognized at-home acoustic wave device that helps enhance bedroom performance for men with erectile dysfunction (ED)**. Using patented technology, The Phoenix Pro has a high success rate and is the most effective at-home device to help optimize your sexual performance.


Using sound waves, The Phoenix Pro improves blood flow to the penis, removes microplaque, and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels. Use of the Phoenix Pro also increases penile sensitivity and decreases refractory time.


Dr. Oak will guide you through the custom protocol that best fits your needs and will virtually meet with you several times during the course of treatment.


As a certified clinical sexologist, Dr. Oak is the only certified non-medical doctor in the US providing at-home treatment for ED with the Phoenix Pro.


No surgery. No pills. No injections. No physician office visits. Reach out to Dr. Oak to schedule a complimentary consultation today. Help is just a phone call away.


** Research Studies


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