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Cockpower Adjustable Belt Ring – Black


The Nasstoys Cock Power Adjustable Belt Ring is your ticket to a thrilling blend of pleasure and performance! Designed with innovation and intimacy in mind, this USB rechargeable ring is set to revolutionize your experiences, whether you're flying solo or soaring to new heights as a couple. Crafted from body-safe silicone, this adjustable belt ring ensures comfort and safety during play. The 60-minute charge provides an equal amount of playtime, giving you an uninterrupted session of pleasure. Its 10 vibrating functions offer a variety of sensations to suit your mood, while the discreet and quiet design ensures your intimate moments remain private. Versatile and accommodating, the Cock Power Adjustable Belt Ring is designed to fit a range of bodies, making it a fantastic addition to any intimate encounter. Spice up your solo sessions or enhance the connection with your partner – this ring is your secret weapon. To elevate your experience further, add your favorite water-based lube for added comfort. This not only enhances the sensations but also ensures that the ring glides smoothly without catching on skin or body hair. For optimal performance, charge the ring fully before its first use to prime the battery for the best possible experience. Cleaning is a breeze with this sleek and user-friendly device. Use a high-quality toy cleaner or mild antibacterial hand soap to maintain hygiene and extend the longevity of your Cock Power Adjustable Belt Ring. Experience pleasure on your terms with Nasstoys – where innovation meets intimacy, and every moment is an opportunity for delight. Upgrade your playtime and discover a new world of satisfaction with the Cock Power Adjustable Belt Ring today!