Locked In Lust The Vice Standard Pink Chastity Device


The Vice Chastity Device is the first and only inescapable chastity device in the world not requiring a PA (Prince Albert) piercing. The Vice is commonly compared with the Holy Trainer; however, The Vice rivals even that of the Holy Trainer male chastity belt in both comfort and security! Being the first device we have created, The Vice is our flagship device. It offers a level of security not seen before in other chastity devices. <br /><br />The textured design on the inner tabs of the anti-pullouts are the key to its claim of being inescapable. The longer the device is worn, the more secure it becomes. After 2 days of constant wear, it becomes inescapable! The Vice's anti-pullout system differs from anti-pullouts sold for other devices. This anti-pullout was engineered to work with the device from the start.<br /><br /> This differs from after market pieces sold for other chastity devices which can be unbearably uncomfortable. The Vice chastity often goes unnoticed when worn, even while wearing the anti-pullout! It can also be worn without the anti-pullout system which is great for beginners! But when you are ready for the inescapable chastity experience, you will always have the anti-pullouts available to use anytime!<br /><br /> The Vice Chastity also includes a handful of different sizes with every device, therefore giving you personalized customization for maximum comfort and security. It is time to enjoy a male chastity belt that offers the true inescapable chastity experience! <br /><br />Includes 1 padlock and 2 release keys. 4 spacers and locking pins. 4 rings. 3 anti-pullouts. 1 locking pin cap. 1 velvet carrying case.&nbsp;Cage length 2.75 inches, width 1.4 inches &gt;1.3 inches. Funnel shape cage length 2.75 inches, width 1.4 inches &gt;1.3 inches. Funnel shape design rings small 1.57 inches, medium 1.73 inches, large 1.83 inches, X-Large 1.75 inches. Anti-pullout gap approximately small .669 inch, medium .75 inch, large .826 inches. Pullout cap wear the device without any anti-pull out. Locking pin/spacers distance of ring from cage approximately small .25 inch,&nbsp; medium .39 inch, large .51 inch, x-large .59 inch. Materials body safe, medical grade Polycarbonate PC plastic. One year warranty.



Weight 1.04000 kg